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INX Software What's New in Version 5.10 Release



INX InFlight


InFlight SMS Notifications

SMS Provider Integration
The first phase of this functionality allows InFlight clients to send messages via the Telstra SMS service. Note: Subject to demand, INX will add support for other SMS service providers going forward.

Send SMS
Once SMS sending is configured, the InFlight user simply needs to go to the Flight Bookings tab and select any or all of the passengers they wish to send a notification to, and select Send Notification.

Preferred Contact Method
A new setting has been added to Personal Details which will allow InFlight users to define where a traveller wants their notifications to be sent.

Send Email
The existing ability to send emails to individual travellers from the Flight Bookings tab has been improved, so that InFlight users can choose a list of recipients, and edit the body of the email within InFlight before sending.

Notification Status
The Flight Bookings tab includes a new notification status for each person. Note: The status is only for the last notification sent, past records cannot be viewed via the Flight Bookings tab (these will be stored in the database).

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INX +Process


Multi-level Approvers
Implementing the ability to have:

  • From zero to four approver levels
    – Approvals in consecutive order
    – Can select an approver for that level, or allow anyone in that level to approve
  • Set approval group
    – First to approve pushes the workflow through to the next stage
  • Set approvers for a workflow to zero allowing you to skip that stage entirely

Book Manually
The addition of a button ‘Book Manually’ in the commit stage of a Mobilisation, Change Roster/New Booking and Cancellation workflows. It is used to close out a request but not process the bookings within the workflow. This will be used by administrators who will be doing the booking directly in InFlight.

Existing Compliances
When a traveller has a valid compliance and an attachment has been requested through site entry requirements, +Process will not stop the workflow as it now recognises this compliance has been achieved.

Roster Preview
To allow Initiators to view entire proposed requests, we have added the short-term booking to all roster previews.

Focus has been placed on a group of Accommodation pages to increase response times. Where required, functionality has been updated to prioritise ease of use.

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INX InTuition


Training Events – People Filter
To streamline the process and improve usability when managing training events, the internal Workplace Trainer and Assessor field options will, by default, filter to people with workgroups linked to the company level on the course.

A checkbox has also been added to allow the user to bypass the default filter and select a trainer or assessor from any workgroup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will an upgrade take?
This largely depends on the size of your organisation and the number of INX products you have running. A standard upgrade typically takes as little as two days but will vary based on each customer’s individual requirements.

2. Is training required?
This is completely up to you and your company. We offer a range of training options for refresher training, new trainers, custom training or version upgrade training where we take you through the new functionality.

3. Which browsers are compatible with Version 5?
INX Version 5 is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Windows Edge.

4. How can I get started on an upgrade?
Simply speak to your account manager or contact our team here >

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Where can I get more information?
Want to know more? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us >

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